July 21st and 22nd at 6:30; Auditions for All An Act’s final two productions of 2019 ( See more below)

Auditions for All An Act’s final two productions of 2019. July 21st and 22nd at 6:30 at the theater. Cold readings will be provided.
652 west 17th st

Sherlock’s Last Case by Charles Marowicz Sept 27 – Oct 20
Directed by David W. Mitchell
*** All Roles available except Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
Mrs. Hudson – 50+, Holmes’ Housekeeper Scottish Accent
Liza Moriary  – 20’s+ – Moriarty’s Daughter
Inspector Lestrade – 40+
Damion  –       20’s+ Sly. (Played by Liza)

God’s Favorite By Neil Simon Nov 8 – Dec 1
Directed by David W. Mitchell

Joe Benjamin            50+ – Long Island businessman patiently dealing with difficulties posed by family and associates, but is challenged by Sidney’s arrival.
Rose Benjamin           50+     Joe’s wife, demanding and a bit entitled.
Ben Benjamin            20’s +  Joe’s spoiled and ungrateful son, Sarah’s twin-brother, not too bright.
Sara Benjamin    20’s + Joe’s daughter and Ben’s twin-sister, like him in every way, including a lack of smarts, petulant and bad at keeping her robe closed.
Sydney Lipton   40s+    a messenger from God, on a mission to test Joe and report back to “the Boss,” a compulsive film buff.
Mady    40s+    humorously cynical, a wisecracking maid.
Morris  40s+    Joe’s butler, jaded and sardonic.
David Benjamin  30s+    older brother to the twins, black sheep of family, prodigal son whose humor is driven by an alcohol problem.